Chapter 5

Creating an Online Presence for Your Business


Bullet Making your e-commerce site more usable with some digital Feng Shui

Bullet Promoting trust with concise, well-designed web page content

Bullet Optimizing type and images to build a graphic identity

Bullet Inviting interaction through forms, email, and more

Bullet Establishing your business presence(s)

No matter what you sell or where you sell it — on the web, in a bricks-and-mortar store, or even on Facebook — you need to have a home base on the web, a presence. Not so long ago, a “home base” on the web automatically meant a website. A website is important, but you can sell online without one. That’s why this chapter uses the term presence instead of site.

It’s a subtle but significant difference. A presence can include a blog, ads on Craigslist, exposure for your app on iTunes, or storefronts on a variety of marketplaces.

Wherever you do business, the same basic principles work on the web just as well as they do in the bricks-and-mortar ...

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