Chapter 6

Safe Word: Maintaining Privacy and Safety on Etsy

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding Etsy etiquette

arrow Keeping your privacy intact on Etsy

arrow Outsmarting scammers and staying safe in the Etsy community

arrow Alerting Etsy to abuse

On Etsy, as in life, safety is paramount. Just as you wear a seat belt when you drive, a helmet on your bike, and knee pads during roller derby, you must take the appropriate steps to remain safe on Etsy. In this chapter, you discover the precautions you must take to ensure your security and maintain your privacy on Etsy.

Oh, Behave! Adhering to Etsy’s Do’s and Don’ts

remember.eps Every Etsy member must make it a point to peruse the site’s DOs & DON’Ts. This page spells out everything you need to do to avoid committing a potentially embarrassing gaffe on the site. To view this page, click the Help link that appears in the upper-right corner of every Etsy page, click the Site Policies link, and click the DOs & DON’Ts link.

In brief, the DOs & DON’Ts page covers the following: ...

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