Chapter 12

Word Up: Composing Engaging Titles and Descriptions

In This Chapter

arrow Composing strong item titles

arrow Making your item descriptions stand out

arrow Driving traffic to your listing with search engine optimization

arrow Proofreading your listing

True, a gorgeous photo of your piece may catch a buyer’s eye. But the way you write about your piece in your item title and description can keep your buyer’s attention. With these textual elements, you have an opportunity to engage buyers with a story about you and your piece. You can also answer questions about your piece, such as what it’s made of, what it does, and why someone should buy it. Indeed, well-written and interesting titles and descriptions may just persuade a buyer to add your piece to her cart.

If your talents lie more in crafting and less in writing (“I’m a candy-wrapper handbag maker, not a writer!”), don’t freak out. As you discover in this chapter, writing engaging item titles and descriptions is plenty doable. You also find out how to optimize your item titles, descriptions, and tags for searching, making it easier for prospective ...

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