Chapter 17

You’ve Been Served: Providing Excellent Customer Service

In This Chapter

arrow Communicating clearly with customers

arrow Shipping packages as fast as you can

arrow Leaving feedback for (and asking for feedback from) your buyers

arrow Handling a bungled transaction

Running your own Etsy shop is a little like being the Wizard of Oz: You preside over your own Emerald City from behind a curtain of sorts, working the wheels and levers of your online craft business while hidden from view.

If you truly want to be a great and powerful Etsy seller, however, you must pull back the curtain and interact with your Ozmites — er, customers. It’s not enough to craft gorgeous items and list them in your shop; you must also provide excellent customer service — before, during, and after each sale. In this chapter, we stress the importance of clear communication, prompt shipping, and fast feedback. We also provide guidance on how to gracefully deal with bungled transactions.

Let’s Talk: Communicating with a Buyer Before, During, and After a Transaction

Communication is the single most critical factor to ensuring ...

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