Chapter 17

Growing Your Etsy Business


Bullet Bringing on helpers and production partners for your Etsy shop

Bullet Leveling up with Etsy Plus

Bullet Building a custom shop website

Bullet Translating your shop’s contents for international customers

Bullet Taking your Etsy show wherever you go

Maybe you’re content to run your Etsy shop as a hobby or a side hustle. Lots of Etsy sellers are. But maybe — just maybe — you’d like to grow your Etsy business to be your sole source of income. That’s what this chapter is about: taking your Etsy shop to the next level.

Howdy, Partner: Disclosing Shop Members and Production Partners

If you’re like most Etsy sellers, you’re probably a one-person band. You design and make (or curate) every product in your shop, post every listing, process every order, and ship every package. This may work great — until Taylor Swift posts an Insta of herself wearing one of your baubles and drives 50 million of her followers to your shop.

When (not if) your Etsy shop takes off, you ...

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