Chapter 19

News Attitude: Keeping Up with Etsy News


Bullet Checking out the Etsy Journal

Bullet Subscribing to Etsy emails

Bullet Following Etsy on social media

Bullet Joining Etsy Prototypes

As big and active as Etsy is, staying abreast of all its goings-on can be as challenging as solving a Rubik’s Cube during a blackout. Fortunately, Etsy maintains several resources to help members stay on top of Etsy-related info, including a blog, email newsletters, and social media pages. You can also explore Etsy’s bleeding edge by joining Etsy Prototypes. In this chapter, you discover all the ways you can keep up with Etsy.

Dear Diary: Exploring the Etsy Journal

Maybe you’re looking for tips to improve your Etsy shop. Or perhaps you want to explore a new craft medium. Or perchance you want a glimpse into the lives of other Etsy sellers. Or suppose you just need some inspiration already. Whatever you’re after, the Etsy Journal is for you.

To access the Etsy Journal, scroll down to the footer area on any Etsy Marketplace page and click Etsy Blog in the Shop category of links. Figure 19-1 shows the main ...

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