Chapter 1. The Wide, Wide World of iPhone App Development

In This Chapter

  • Taking a Tour of the Apple App Store

  • Accessing the App Store on your iPhone

  • Seeing how iPhone app developers have positioned themselves in the market

  • Sensing how to enter the marketplace with a new application

  • Finding your fit or unmet need

  • Connecting with Apple's strategy and vision

  • Understanding the connection between iPhone hardware and applications

  • Seeing how the progression of iPhone releases has affected the app world

  • Deciding whether to focus on current or future functionality

In July 2008, Apple Computer launched two momentous events. The first was an updated version of its hit iPhone product, the iPhone 3G. That same day, Apple launched something far more important to the success of its product: a central repository where iPhone users could purchase or download applications that could run on their iPhone. In simpler terms, Apple opened the App Store, where third-party developers from around the world could now have access to this new and growing market of iPhone owners who were eager to spend cash and get more capabilities from their gee-whiz phone.

In less than a year, Apple's U.S. App Store alone has seen more than 40,000 applications approved and available on the store, and Apple celebrated its billionth application download in less than a year.

In this chapter, we present the App Store to you and talk about the different ways you can see or categorize the applications already present. We'll talk about the ...

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