Chapter 6. Collaborating Internally and Externally

In This Chapter

  • Get an idea of what exists in the marketplace

  • Surveying the marketplace

  • Navigating the Apple Developer Forum

  • Meeting people in this space

  • Keeping up with blogs, tutorials, and chat rooms

Hopefully, you are getting the sense by now that creating an iPhone application is rarely a one-person job from start to finish. You will need to collaborate with various people about different aspects of creating, developing, and ultimately promoting and selling your iPhone application. While you may do all the actual coding yourself, brainstorming and evaluating your idea are tasks that greatly benefit from other input, even if you simply read other people's thoughts and comments without talking to them. Your application will exist with tens of thousands of other applications, it's important to get a sense of where and how your application will exist within the larger community. Thankfully, you are never alone in this arena, as there are many voices looking for collaboration.

In this chapter, we take a look at how you can interact with other members of the community in terms of your application, and you as the developer or creator. In the first part, we will walk through how to get a sense of your current competition in the marketplace and how you should try to study or sense any potential new developments that could compete with or complement your idea for an iPhone application. In the second part of the chapter, we will review various ...

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