Chapter 1. What's New: The Latest Tools and Strategies for Your Online Business

In This Chapter

  • Diving into social networking to boost yourself and your business

  • Creating a business blog to produce word-of-mouth publicity

  • Exploring new ways to accept payments online

  • Expanding your e-commerce operation by opening multiple storefronts

  • Generating revenue via the Internet

  • Exploiting technologies for fun and profit

New technologies are always popping up in the world of online commerce. Things are started on a whim, or just to see whether they'll work at all. When millions of people begin to participate, people think that there must be a way to make money off this opportunity. Companies with money then throw money at the project or buy it outright, and the project becomes more commercial in nature. Finally, average people like you and me pick up on these technologies and add them to our mix. Before long, they become part of the cyberspace landscape.

This scenario is still happening, and anyone who thinks it's too late to make money online has only to look at Facebook, Twitter, and other new venues to see that entrepreneurship is still alive. Keeping up with all the new trends in online commerce is getting harder because it's a constantly moving target. This chapter gives you an overview of some of the many new and exciting ways to conduct e-commerce. If you've heard about e-commerce before and weren't attracted by the thought of creating a Web site and sales catalog, take a look at these innovative ...

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