Chapter 18. Ten Must-Have Features for Your Web Site

In This Chapter

  • Finding a domain name that will help you get noticed

  • Setting up payment systems for your online business

  • Selling products that customers want to buy

  • Keeping your site and product list up-to-date.

You can put any number of snazzy features on your Web site. If you ever meet with a Web design firm, you're sure to hear about all the cool scripts, animations, and other interactive add-ons that can go on your pages. Some pizzazz isn't a bad thing, especially if you're just starting out and need to set yourself apart from the competition. Interactive features and a well-designed Web site give you an air of competence and experience, even if your online business is brand new.

But the Web site features that count toward your bottom line are the ones that attract and retain customers and induce them to return to you regularly. Along with the bells and whistles, your business home on the Web needs the essentials that shoppers expect. Make sure that your site meets the minimum daily requirements: It's easy to find and loaded with content; it contains background information about you; and it includes features that make shopping easy and secure. This Part of Tens chapter describes ten specific features that help you achieve these objectives.

Secure Some Easy-to-Remember URLs

Names are critical to the success of any business. A name becomes identified with a business, and people associate the name with its products and its level of customer ...

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