Building an Inventory

A big part of planning for a successful transition online involves selecting the right inventory from the start.

The pressure of choosing the best products to sell on the Internet might seem like a daunting task. Unlike other e-commerce sites that are starting from scratch, however, you have a distinct advantage: product mastery. You not only have an existing inventory but also know it intimately. You understand exactly what sells and what doesn't.

Consider the number of conversations you have had with customers over the years. Because of that feedback, you have a firm grasp on why your customers like a product and what they might need to know about it before making their final purchasing decisions. That's exactly the information you need to move those same products online without missing a beat!

Follow these steps to begin building your online inventory:

  1. Pull together a list of your current inventory.

    We hope that you have this list already. If not, you need to create an up-to-date and complete inventory list.

  2. Separate your current inventory into categories.

    For example, you can group products according to which areas will help or hinder how well they sell online. These categories include

    • Top sellers: Items that are at the top of your moneymaking list
    • Exclusive items: Items that are truly unique, hard to find, or handcrafted

      images If you're an approved reseller ...

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