Opening an eBay Store

An eBay store is an interesting combination of eBay sales and your own e-commerce store. Think of owning an eBay store as owning a small shingle under eBay's massive marketplace.

With an eBay store, you benefit from these features:

  • A dedicated e-commerce storefront: You can direct your customers to one place, which you can advertise on any printed material you send out to any customers worldwide. Then you can see exactly which pages, which items, and which deals your customers looked at the most, so that you can see what's working and what's boring.

    An eBay store can significantly increase your sales because it gives you another mechanism for reaching customers. Every time you sell an item on eBay, you can point the winner (and all your other bidders) to your eBay store to buy additional merchandise.

  • The chance to sell many items on eBay with a lower fee structure: You can list thousands of items in your eBay store at a lower insertion cost than listing each item without an eBay store. In addition, you are charged a lower sales fee (or “final value fee”) when an item sells in your store.
  • Sales and marketing tools to sell your items: If something doesn't sell right away, you can use a program called Markdown Manager to put an item (or an entire category of items) on sale by temporarily discounting the fixed price.

    eBay Stores give you a place to sell your products online under a fixed address, but they also come with many other features to make your business ...

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