Creating Your Own Video Channel

Statistically speaking, there a good chance that you watch YouTube videos regularly. This online video site claims over two billion video views per day, with an average daily viewing time of around 15 minutes. Since it hit the Internet in 2005, YouTube has changed the way we use video in our everyday lives — we want to video everything in hopes of being the next online sensation, or we can't wait to see what someone else does in their video to get everyone talking.

Basically, the online video pioneer has made it possible to monetize crazy, weird, funny, or even serious videos. You can make money from YouTube whether you are a professional filmmaker or a hobbyist, or just happen to have a video camera on your phone. The best way to explain these revenue-earning opportunities from YouTube is to look at a couple of examples.

Shopping haulers

Hauler is the term used to describe people who love to buy things, bring them home, and then record and discuss their finds (or shopping hauls) on video. Hauling videos are a combination of featuring products on the Home Shopping Network and writing an online product review. Hauls started as a trend among teenagers, particularly girls. Among some of the most successful online haulers are two sisters from Tennessee. The girls' shopping escapades are discussed in detail on video and then shared on their own YouTube channel, as a vlog (video blog). The girls' video channels have more than half a million subscribers, ...

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