Increasing Appeal

Have you ever walked past a storefront and wondered what was sold inside the building? A dimly lit store with an abstract name, a window covered in a painted design or series of posters, and a confusing display can be quite misleading. Imagine the difference you experience if you have a clear view inside the business and you see an inviting entrance that encourages you to walk in and informative signs that clearly display pricing, selection, and store hours. A powerful redesign doesn't just look new — it's also appealing to your customers.

Although some Web sites are chock-full of information and deals, if users can't easily find what they're looking for — or understand what they're seeing — they move on to one of your competitors. Web sites that appeal to customers make their information clear, concise, and easy to find.

Giving your customers search capability

The Internet is all about searching. Look at some major companies on the Web:

  • Google and Bing: Are primarily search engine companies
  • eBay: Lets you search through millions of items
  • Amazon: Has a highly searchable catalog of media and products

People don't just browse around any more; they actively search for what they want. The question you have to ask yourself is “Can my users search through my business?”

The search box is quickly becoming the item that retailers must display first and foremost. This way, regardless of how you organize your Web site, customers who know what they're looking for can come ...

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