Dealing with Accidental Success

Ahh, sweet success. Admittedly, the term accidental success is a bit humorous. Ask any rock star or well-known actor about an overnight boost of fame. The honest ones don't hesitate to explain that years of hard work preceded their “accidental” good fortune.

The same concept holds true for any online business owner. Imagine finding yourself in the throes of a major public relations blitz, with skyrocketing sales following close behind. The reality is that you might be unprepared to handle the level of business that this scenario brings. But we guarantee you that your success is no accident!

How do you prepare for an onslaught of hard-won business? After all, if your site is merely mentioned on a TV talk show or featured in a short segment on one of the news channels, your URL can be rocketed into the glare of the spotlight (in an extremely good way). Before you know it, you would have back orders and your site would be bogged down from the jump in visitors. You wouldn't be able to get UPS to pull into your driveway fast enough. Lest this blitz of good fortune turn into your sudden demise, you had better be ready.

The following list describes both immediate and short-term actions you should take when opportunity comes knocking at your domain:

  • Identify your pressure points. Determine where the biggest demand for your time or resources is coming from. You might be beseeched by the media for interview requests and can't make it to the phone. More than ...

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