Chapter 8

Communicating with Customers and Building Loyalty

In This Chapter

arrow Building a base of repeat customers through effective communication

arrow Ensuring a fast response to customer inquiries

arrow Creating forms that let your patrons talk back

arrow Encouraging contact through RSS feeds

arrow Finalizing sales through chat-based customer service

I once spoke to an antiques dealer who has been selling in a brick-and-mortar store for more than 30 years and several years online. “When someone asks me a question, I am very polite in my answer,” said Eva Kertesz. “Good correspondence with customers is very important. I don’t use any special gimmick.”

Besides having a good idea and lots of chutzpah, the best sellers invariably provide the best customer service. They include extras such as cards and gifts in packages, they make an effort to ship merchandise the same day it’s purchased, they have a clear return policy and stick to it, and they answer questions promptly. All of these things help create a positive ...

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