Chapter 9

Sourcing Worldwide for Your Business

In This Chapter

arrow Scouring the web to find items that buyers really want

arrow Doing your own sourcing: housecleaning, garage sales, and more

arrow Boosting sales volume by becoming a consignment seller on eBay

arrow Finding a wholesale supplier and knowing how to approach one

arrow Turning to China to locate low-priced merchandise

arrow Traveling to trade shows to find new merchandise to sell

I occasionally get questions from budding entrepreneurs just like you who are wondering how to get started selling online. The question that comes up most often is simple: “What should I sell online?” A variation on this question that I hear almost as frequently goes like this: “What’s the single best thing I can possibly sell online?” (Translation: “What can I sell on the web that will make me the most money?”)

Everyone who asks this question wants a simple answer, and so do ...

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