Chapter 10

Advertising and Publicity: The Basics

In This Chapter

arrow Branding your business for success

arrow Finding free advertising for businesses on a budget

arrow Making the most of mailing lists and word of mouth

arrow Placing banner ads

Every month — sometimes every week, it seems the Internet spawns a new superstar. As I write this, the stars of the moment are featured in the “Two Girls and a Puppy” Facebook page. After losing their dog to cancer and asking their reluctant father for a new one, he challenged them to get a million Likes on a Facebook page. They posted a cute photo that had a simple message, a call to action, and provoked emotion. Within just seven hours, they managed to achieve their goal. (The puppy followed soon after.)

An article on called “What Makes Your Video Shareable — and Viral” identified some traits common to things that get a lot of attention on the Internet: They generate emotion; they involve something that is startling and attention getting. The article suggested that to get attention, you need to “1. Be true, 2. Don’t waste our time, 3. Be unforgettable, ...

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