Chapter 12

Location, Location, Location Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Listing your online business in essential local directories

arrow Optimizing your business for mobile GPS–enabled devices

arrow Advertising your products with locally oriented marketplaces

arrow Getting started with location-based marketing

Local is where most people still shop. Rather than reaching for their computing device, they walk or drive down the street or around the corner and go into a store near where they live.

If you have a local presence through a brick-and-mortar store, a mall space, or a market stall, you need to reach customers who take the time and effort to walk or drive to you and make a purchase. But as you’ve learned elsewhere in this book, more and more consumers are shopping using mobile devices. They’re searching online rather than picking up the phone book or the ad supplement of the newspaper.

As a local businessperson, you need to reach your customers where they are. These days that’s not always done by catching someone’s eye as he or she is walking down the street. This chapter, which is primarily targeted ...

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