Chapter 15

Moving to Specialty Marketplaces

In This Chapter

arrow Selling big items on Craigslist the smart way

arrow Choosing options for auctioning your creative work

arrow Finding marketplaces that let you buy and sell affordably

arrow Locating places where you can buy or sell for free

arrow Merchandising your creative work with CafePress

A single website isn’t enough anymore. The newest entrepreneurs focus on branding themselves and gain as much exposure as possible through cost-effective marketing methods including multiple marketplaces. Omni-channel commerce is the buzzword you hear about.

By signing up with a niche marketplace, you can set up a storefront, communicate with customers, accept payments, and socialize with other sellers who deal in the same kinds of merchandise you do. You might have to pay a modest hosting fee — or you might not, because many of the sites are totally free to their members. This chapter collects a variety of small, innovative, full-featured marketplaces that are attractive ...

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