Chapter 16

Managing and Growing Your Online Business

In This Chapter

arrow Managing multiple online storefronts

arrow Choosing a business channel management tool

arrow Improving your search visibility

arrow Analyzing your traffic data

arrow Adding Google Apps to your site

The preceding two chapters focus on some of the most popular marketplaces for establishing one or more online storefronts. Having more than one venue to attract sellers helps you do cross-marketing and boosts your visibility; it’s the strategy more and more small businesses are using to compete online with the big players. But the more storefronts you have, the more difficult it is to manage them at all. Suppose you have a single item listed for sale in two of your stores. If someone clicks the Buy button on an item in one of your stores and you can’t ship it because someone else just purchased the same item from another store, your reputation takes a big hit. Repeat such problems and all your hard work can be undone.

This chapter focuses on ...

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