Chapter 5

Developing Content That Satisfies Visitors and Search Engines


check Recognizing the value of key words

check Mastering the words that get searched

check Preparing web-ready content

check Turning words into gold — ’er, cash

Content is king! This mantra is popular when discussing what it takes to shine the spotlight on your website. The words you choose, and how and where you use them, are critical to the online sales process. Now, thanks to Google, the value of content is at an all-time high for helping your website rank well in search engines, too.

Content was officially promoted to royalty when search engines (specifically, Google) began placing significantly increased importance on it as part of search engine optimization, or SEO. In short, Google decreed a site’s search results ranking is affected by the quality of the site’s content and its relevance to website visitors.

To achieve that goal of a good ranking, business owners often depend on someone else to find the right words for their websites. Don’t worry: When you’re creating content for your own site, you don’t have ...

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