Chapter 3

Turning Information into Profit: From E-Books to Webinars


check Creating an information product

check Finding hot topics to write about

check Writing, formatting, and distributing an e-book

check Earning revenue from informational videos on YouTube

check Developing and promoting a webinar

Many people think that online sales involve physical products, where you put something in a box and ship it off to Jane Smith in Iowa, who ordered your product online. These eager sellers sometimes overlook the most valuable “product” they can offer the buying community: their knowledge. The adage goes “Knowledge is power.” Well, if power leads to wealth, knowledge also leads to wealth. Thanks to many of the technological advances of computers and the Internet, it’s now much easier to build a system and earn money by sharing your information, knowledge, and techniques with people who desperately want to learn.

Information products are becoming one of the hottest categories of products you can find on ...

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