Chapter 6

Taking Inventory


check Taking stock of the items you should make available for sale

check Using your research to validate decisions

check Choosing price points that move merchandise

check Creating a winning selection with the right number of products

You probably know someone who is a fantastic salesperson. Usually, this person is described as being capable of “selling anything to anyone.” Well, the Internet is similar to that top-notch salesperson. It can sell just about anything to almost anyone around the world — with your help, of course. As any good salesperson understands, however, you have to know a few tricks of the trade. The same statement holds true for selling online: To do well, you have to know a few tricks. In the case of choosing inventory, you simply need some additional information to give your business a boost.

remember How do you decide what to stock up on to give your business a leg up? To create the ideal inventory for your online business, always keep in mind these ...

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