Chapter 3

Window Dressing for the Online Display


check Revealing your store’s unique identity

check Organizing your store so that customers can find anything

check Designing a site that convinces your visitors to become customers

As a bricks-and-mortar retailer, you probably gave a great deal of attention and thought to your store’s appearance — the selection of paint colors, the placement of shelving, and even the way each product is positioned. You probably agonized for days, if not weeks, over each decision — and for good reason, too.

Major retailers spend a substantial amount of time and money sorting through the same details. And when they find that perfect look, it becomes a blueprint for every store that follows.

Why go to all this trouble? Your goal in creating a positive shopping environment is to increase sales. That process begins with the look of your store. The way products are arranged contributes to an overall feeling or mood. Customers will buy more if they’re comfortable shopping in your store, can find what they need, and are treated well. Retail merchandizing experts have shown that careful attention to in-store displays can have a direct (positive) effect on your ...

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