Chapter 4

Identifying Online Marketing Strategies That Fit the Cause


check Enlisting the help of others to ask for donations

check Simple solutions for collecting the dough (again and again)

check Strategies to pique curiosity, provide purpose, and elicit action

In discussions of marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations, the term marketing can encompass many different activities, such as donor development, fundraising, education, awareness building, and public relations. For marketing purists, not all these items belong in a marketing discussion. Right or wrong, they all become part of a nonprofit’s marketing mix.

In this chapter, we clarify what marketing means for nonprofit organizations, including taking advantage of opportunities that lead to growing your organization through online monetary donations and other contributions.

Asking for Donations

Online marketing provides more than one chance to ask directly for money (or whatever else your organization needs). You can even ask for donations repeatedly. The person on the other end won’t even bat an eyelash. If you’re uncomfortable asking people for money, the Internet removes that pressure of asking for donations face-to-face. ...

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