Chapter 3

Evaluating the SaaS Model: Selling Software and Apps


check Chasing clouds — the kind that make revenue rain down

check Looking the SaaS business model

check Creating apps for the mobile customer

Even if you’ve never heard the term SaaS (which is pronounced like the word “sassy” but without the “y” on the end), you’ve likely used this type of service either in your business or personal life. SaaS stands for software as a service and it is delivered in the cloud. Whoa! The cloud? Yes, but not the type of cloud you see in the sky. Instead, when we refer to a service that is cloud-based, we mean that it is run over the Internet — so it’s typically delivered, managed, and maintained offsite (not located at your physical site) and it is usually public (or shared by lots of people). SaaS is one of several categories within cloud computing. The idea of cloud computing is a pretty complex subject, but for our purposes here, we want to keep it simple and discuss it in very general terms. If you want to dive deeper into the subject, there are lots of information and opinions on the matter!

In a similar vein as SaaS is the mobile application (app) market. Delivered over the Internet, ...

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