Chapter 2

Turning Ideas into a Viable Internet Business


check Training yourself to think like an online entrepreneur

check Evaluating your business idea’s chances for success

check Scrutinizing your future customers

check Picking apart your competitors

Congratulations! After you make the emotional commitment to get started, you have to shift gears and concentrate on the next set of actions that will make your Internet business a reality. From evaluating the potential success of your idea to identifying who will buy your products, in this chapter you gain the tools to help get your idea off the ground. In the process, you begin thinking like an online entrepreneur and find out how to start your business on the right track.

Thinking Like an Online Entrepreneur

Using the Internet to conduct business is similar in many ways to operating a traditional company. In fact, many traditional offline businesses now conduct part of their business online. Today, consumers research products and services online and expect to be able to buy products or services online, even from bricks-and-mortar stores. ...

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