Chapter 5

Creating Policies to Protect Your Website and Customers


check Establishing a customer service pledge

check Developing policies for operating your business

check Delivering the goods as promised

Customers are the reason you’re in business. All too often, though, their role in your success is an afterthought. Even though you spend a great deal of time thinking about what they can do for you, sometimes you forget about what they expect of you, until a problem surfaces.

In this chapter, we show you how to invest the proper time into the “care and feeding” of your most important business asset — your customer.

Taking Care of Customers

Consider the process of starting your business. You think about your future customers, right? You anticipate who will buy your product. You research their needs and painstakingly detail how to meet those needs in your business plan. You develop a marketing plan that explains how to reach your customers, and you calculate, dollar for dollar, how their spending translates into profit for you. Something is missing, though: Where in all that research and planning is your pledge to your customers — your vow of how you will treat them? Most business ...

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