Chapter 2

Adding Online Moneymakers to an Existing Site


check Evaluating your site structure to decide which elements are plausible

check Researching technology resources

check Selling to the highest bidder as the ultimate e-fundraising tool

check Adding easy fixes to increase online donations

The Internet has provided a platform for a wide variety of organizations, causes, and trends. Since the early dotcom days, entrepreneurs and companies have blazed a trail of innovation, pioneering sites such as eBay, Amazon, Travelocity, Facebook, and Twitter as well as smaller companies that have developed exciting and useful applications delivered online. At the same time, however, plenty of organizations have worked to simply keep up with current online technologies and trends, and others have, sadly, lagged well behind the rest. The laggards continue to resist current online solutions and resources — and it shows!

Unfortunately, this description also fits many of your nonprofit peers right now. An organization’s online presence may suffer for many reasons. As with many important goals for a nonprofit, ...

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