Chapter 4

Franchising for Growth


Bullet Understanding what a franchise is

Bullet Looking at franchising opportunities

Bullet Examining the pros and cons

Bullet Establishing the pilot

Bullet Finding prospective franchisees

Bullet Rolling out your franchise

If your business concept looks as though it can be replicated in several other places, you have a number of choices. The most obvious is to open up more branches. But you can consider a faster, and in some ways safer, route by franchising your business for others to roll out and share the risk.

Franchising is a great way into business, as a start-up, and a great way to grow a business, too – as a model to follow later when you’re looking for some serious growth opportunities. Over 1,000 different types of franchises are on offer somewhere in the world, and some 50,000 franchise units operated in the UK in 2022, so you can almost certainly find one that suits ...

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