Chapter 6

Becoming a Great Manager


Bullet Building your successful team

Bullet Providing coaching and training

Bullet Taking stock of performance

Bullet Developing an effective leadership style

Bullet Measuring employee morale

In business, one of the simplest profit calculations is profit per employee. Until you become a massive company with more than 500 employees, each employee you add increases your profit. Still, you needn’t worry too much about what happens when you have 500 employees on your hands. Well, not in this book, anyway.

But employees aren’t a trouble-free resource. To maximise the employee-profit ratio, you have to manage your employees so that they produce quality work for you. You have to build them into teams, and lead and manage them to prepare them for the roller-coaster life of change that is the inevitable lot of a small, growing business.

In this chapter, you discover the tools you need to become a successful and effective manager.

Building a Team

Teams are a powerful way ...

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