Entrepreneurs have mythical qualities in American culture, some of which may or may not be true for you. There are many different archetypes of entrepreneur, such as the charismatic leader, the technical wizard, the tireless salesman, the relentless evangelist, and the absent-minded visionary. Often, aspects of these archetypes are combined and blended with personality types that span the spectrum from deep introvert to effusive extrovert. In this chapter, we will explore some of the complexities and dualities of entrepreneurial personalities.

Most people aren’t completely aware of their own personalities, let alone the personality of their partner. This is made more complex in a relationship with an entrepreneur as the blended archetypes tend to evolve over time and respond to various pressures and specific context.

In this chapter, we explore some of the specific aspects of the entrepreneurial personality. While these are broadly applicable outside the entrepreneurial context, our goal is to set the stage for a deeper exploration of the key aspects a couple should explore together.


Ah, the passion and excitement of a new relationship! Combine that with starting a new business, and do you have an aphrodisiac cocktail or oil and water? Can you really mix the intensity of starting a new business with falling in love? Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for this topic. Just as every company is unique, so is every ...

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