If you and your partner are young and energetic, you may think that sex and romance aren’t things you need to think about; but like many areas of life, the effort that you put in creates increasing returns. Sex and romance are areas where actions speak much more loudly than words and often get overlooked as a relationship matures, especially in the chaos of an entrepreneurial life.

Sex is the thing that you do with your partner that you don’t do with anyone else. If you have unresolved issues or uncommunicated emotions, particularly negative ones like resentment, anger, or frustration, your sex life can be impacted or can become an arena where unresolved tensions are played out. Instead of being a playground of intimacy, connection, and good feelings, your sex life can become a battleground. It can be fun. It can be complicated. It can be a tool. It can be a weapon. It can be an emotional and physical release. Ideally, it’s wonderful.

Romance is a key part of the intimacy of a committed relationship. It’s also one of the first things to be tossed out the window or ignored in the cadence of a busy life. Gender dynamics around romance fill volumes of self-help books, and one partner’s definition of romance is often mysterious and confusing to the other partner. Like sex, romance requires effort over time, and the patterns developed early in a relationship pay off throughout the life of the relationship.


We think of sex as ...

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