1Persistence of Vision

Inspire team members, customers, and investors with a Product Vision: a mental image of your desired future.


Many of us are visionaries. As entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, founders, leaders, and creatives, we envision things that do not yet exist. We want those things to become real.

For example:

Wouldn’t it be great if there were no bad jobs, no bad managers, and no bad companies? Wouldn’t it be awesome if everything we knew about doing better work was somehow stored in data and algorithms in such a way that machines helped us to improve our organizations? Wouldn’t it be great if, someday in the not-so-far future, rather than us telling computers how to do mindless work, they helped us do meaningful work?

Someday, machines will understand how teams of people do their best work together. They will offer us suggestions, such as, “You might want to clean up your product backlog after yesterday’s customer demo”; and “This was your 500th daily cafe. How about celebrating it? I have an idea for you to surprise your team”; and “Hey, your last agile retrospective was six weeks ago. Here is a new retro exercise that’s popular right now in your industry.”

The figure shows a robot where the right-hand side of the image shows two robotic arms and the left-hand side of images shows a brain-like structure connected to a battery.  

Who needs managers watching over people’s shoulders when artificial intelligence will be able to help teams ...

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