Routledge studies in the growth economies of Asia

1  The Changing Capital Markets of East Asia

Edited by Ky Cao

2  Financial Reform in China

Edited by On Kit Tam

3  Women and Industrialization in Asia

Edited by Susan Horton

4  Japan's Trade Policy

Action or reaction?

Yumiko Mikanagi

5  The Japanese Election System

Three analytical perspectives

Junichiro Wada

6  The Economics of the Latecomers

Catching-up, technology transfer and institutions in Germany, Japan and South Korea

Jang-Sup Shin

7  Industrialization in Malaysia

Import substitution and infant industry performance

Rokiah Alavi

8  Economic Development in Twentieth Century East Asia

The international context

Edited by Aiko Ikeo

9  The Politics of Economic Development in Indonesia

Contending ...

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