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Add Rows dialog box 37–38

alternative hypothesis (H1)

defined 184, 208

examples of 186–187

versions of 185

analysis of variance

See ANOVA (analysis of variance)

analysis platforms

See platforms

Analyze menu 53, 87

See also Distribution platform

ANOVA (analysis of variance)

defined 239, 248

Fit Y by X platform and 54

for two groups 244–245

multinomial regression and 304–305

multiple regression and 327

regression analysis and 283–284

tests for three or more means 239–242


bar charts 75–78, 98

Bayesian statistics 145, 175

bell-shaped distribution 118

Bernouli random variables 146, 175

bias in sample statistics 12

Binomial Distribution function

about 147

in probability distributions ...

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