Chapter 20

Ten Things (Thirteen, Actually) That Just Didn’t Fit in Any Other Chapter

In This Chapter

arrow Forecasting help

arrow Visualizing variability

arrow Going over the odds and ends of probability

arrow Looking for independence

arrow Working with logs

arrow Sorting

I wrote this book to show you all of Excel’s statistical capabilities. My intent was to tell you about them in the context of the world of statistics, and I had a definite path in mind.

Some of the capabilities don’t neatly fit along that path. I still want you to be aware of them, however, so here they are.

Forecasting Techniques

Here are a couple of useful techniques to help you come up with some forecasts. Although they didn’t quite fit into the regression chapter, and they really didn’t go into the descriptive statistics chapters, they deserve a section of their own.

A moving experience

In many contexts, it makes sense to gather data over periods ...

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