Chapter 14

Regression: Linear, Multiple, and the General Linear Model


check Summarizing a relationship

check Working with regression

check Taking another look at ANOVA

check Exploring analysis of covariance

check Examining the general linear model

One of the main things you do when you work with statistics is make predictions. The idea is to use data from one or more variables to predict the value of another variable. To do this, you have to understand how to summarize relationships among variables, and to test hypotheses about those relationships.

In this chapter, I introduce regression, a statistical way to do just that. Regression also enables you to use the details of relationships to make predictions. First, I show you how to analyze the relationship between one variable and another. Then I show you how to analyze the relationship between a variable and two others. Finally, I let you in on the connection between regression and ANOVA.

The Plot of Scatter

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