Chapter 4. Complex Table Construction and Output Control

  • 4.1 Introducing PROC TABULATE 122

  • 4.2 Building from Simple Specifications 124

  • 4.3 Enhancing PROC TABULATE Output 128

  • 4.4 Using the Output Delivery System 132

  • 4.5 Summary 151

  • 4.6 References 151

  • 4.7 Exercises 151

This chapter focuses on customizing output. In particular, a procedure (PROC TABULATE) for producing rich tabular summaries of data is showcased. After discussing and illustrating some of the features associated with PROC TABULATE, controlling and redirecting output from SAS is covered. Then, the use of the Output Delivery System (ODS) is presented as a vastly superior alternative to default output displays. Furthermore, ODS shows promise for addressing general statistical programming problems. ...

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