Chapter 9. Programming in a DATA Step

  • 9.1 Storage Bins for Collections of Values 326

  • 9.2 Case Study 1: Monte Carlo p-Value for Test of Spatial Randomness 332

  • 9.3 Remembering Variable Values across Observations 336

  • 9.4 Case Study 2: Randomization Test for the Equality of Two Populations 340

  • 9.5 Summary 346

  • 9.6 References 346

  • 9.7 Exercises 347

Chapter 8 introduced basic programming ideas (e.g., modular programming and pseudocoding). In addition, it provided ways to code tasks such as repeating the execution of a block of programming steps using the DO-END statement pair. How to conditionally execute program statements using IF-THEN statements was discussed as well.

In this chapter, you are presented with a data structure (the array) that is available in ...

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