Mix and Match

Match the descriptive phrases to the symbols on the right. In these exercises, X denotes a random variable.

1. Expected value of X (a) E(Xμ)
2. Variance of X (b) 10X
3. Standard deviation of X (c) (X − 0.04)/σ
4. Shorthand notation for P(X = x) (d) X + 10
5. Has 10 times the standard deviation of X (e) E (Xμ)2
6. Is always equal to zero (f) Var(X)
7. Increases the mean of X by 10 (g) μ
8. Has standard deviation 1 (h) p(x)


Mark each statement True or False. If you believe that a statement is false, briefly say why you think it is false.

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