Mix and Match

Match each definition on the left with a mathematical expression or term on the right.

1. Plot used for visual comparison of results in two (or more) groups (a) t = − 4.6
2. Difference between the averages in two samples (b) t = 1.3
3. Difference between the averages in two populations (c) μ1μ2
4. Name given to the variable that specifies the treatments in an experiment (d) s12n1+s22n2
5. Estimate of the standard error of the difference between two sample means (e) n − 1
6. Avoids confounding in a two-sample comparison (f) x¯1x¯2
7. Test statistic indicating a statistically significant result if α = 0.05 and H0: μ1μ2 ≥ 0 (g) Confounding
8. Test statistic indicating that a mean difference is not ...

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