Mix and Match

Match the item in the first column with the concept that can be observed, test statistic, or estimate from the second column.

1. Scatterplot of Y on X1 (a) Similar variances
2. Scatterplot of Y on X2 (b) F-statistic
3. Scatterplot of X2 on X1 (c) Collinearity
4. Direct effect of X2 (d) Nearly normal errors
5. Indirect effect of X2 (e) Nonlinear effect
6. Scatterplot of Y on Y^ (f) Product of marginal slopes
7. Scatterplot of e on Y^ (g) Partial slope for X2
8. Normal quantile plot (h) Leveraged outlier
9. Test H0: β1 = β2 = 0 (i) t-statistic
10. Test H0: β2 = 0 (j) Calibration plot


Mark each statement True or False. If you believe that a statement is false, briefly explain why you think ...

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