Think About It

  1. 21.

    1. Response: total cost; explanatory: number of items. Scatterplot: linear, positive direction with lots of variation

    2. Response: items produced; explanatory: hours worked. Scatterplot: positive direction, linear (with perhaps some curvature for long hours), and moderate variation

    3. Response: time; explanatory: weight. Scatterplot: negative direction, probably linear with lots of variation in the times

    4. Response: gallons left; explanatory: number of miles. Scatterplot: negative direction, linear, with small variation around the trend

    5. Response: price change; explanatory: number recommending. Scatterplot: little or no pattern

  2. 23.

    1. Positive association, but weak

    2. Positive, 0.5

    3. It increases the correlation. The correlation would decrease. ...

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