You Do It

  1. 39.

    1. Most would expect moderate association, but answers vary.

    2. The data show no linear association.

    3. r = − 0.03. The data have no linear association.

    4. No. The line would be flat or horizontal due to the absence of linear association.

  2. 41.

    1. Yes

    2. Strong, positive, linear association

      A scatterplot with a positive, linear distribution.
    3. The correlation is r = 0.903. The correlation is suitable because the association is linear. We'd expect the relative position on the second test to be lower, closer to 1.8.

    4. The employee is marked by the x in the figure. The correlation line, with slope 0.9, implies that we expect scores on the second test to be a little closer to the mean than the scores on ...

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