You Do It

  1. 45.

    1. It probably accumulates case sales by brand over some period, such as daily or weekly. Unlikely that every case is represented by a row.

    2. A pie chart emphasizes shares.

      A pie chart showing market shares
    3. A pie chart shows market shares of Pepsi at 44 % and Coca Cola at 56 %
    4. A bar graph shows sales of diet and regular soft drinks in millions of cases. Regular soft drinks: 4,200 cases Diet soft drinks: 1,500 cases All values are approxmiate
  2. 47.

    1. The addition of this extra row makes up a big part of both pie charts.

      Two pie charts show adult and teen priorities for government research.
    2. The side-by-side bar chart works well for this. We no longer need the Other category. ...

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