7.1. Fundamental Concepts of Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing typically begins with some theory, claim, or assertion about a particular population parameter (CTQ) of one or more populations (levels of a CTP or X). For example, a study may be designed to determine whether the waiting time (CTQ) was higher in bank 1 (X = 1) or bank 2 (X = 2). To state this quantitatively, CTQ = f(X), where CTQ = waiting time, and X = 1 if bank 1 and X = 2 if bank 2. X either is or is not a statistically significant predictor of CTQ. A sample of waiting time is selected from each bank. If the waiting times are similar in both banks, the means and the standard deviations should be similar in both banks.

The hypothesis that the mean waiting times are equal in ...

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