Appendix 11.1 Using Minitab for Control Charts

Generating Zone Limits

To plot zone limits on any of the control charts discussed in this appendix, open to the initial dialog box for the control chart being developed and do the following:

  1. Click the Scale button. Click the Grid-lines tab. Select the Y major ticks, Y minor ticks, and X major ticks check boxes. Click the OK button to return to the previous dialog box.

  2. Click the Options button for the chart (for example, P Chart Options for the p-chart). Select the S limits tab. In the Display control limits at: edit box, enter 1 2 3 in the edit box. Click the OK button to return to the initial dialog box.

The p-Chart

To illustrate how to produce a p-chart, refer to the data of Figure 11.3 on page ...

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