Appendix 11.2 Using JMP for Control Charts

The p-Chart

To illustrate how to produce a p-chart, refer to the data of Figure 11.4 on page 287 concerning the number of rooms not ready. Open the ROOMSREADY.JMP data table.

  1. Select GraphControl ChartP. In the P Control Chart dialog box (see Figure A11.11), enter Rooms Not Ready in the Process edit box. Enter Day in the Sample Label edit box. Select the KSigma options button and enter 3 in the edit box. Because the sample size is constant, enter 200 in the Constant Size: edit box. (If the sample size varies, enter the variable for the sample size in the Sample Size edit box.) Click the OK button.

    Figure A11.11. JMP Control Chart Dialog Box for a p-Chart

  2. Click the red triangle to the left of ...

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